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IPRM was founded with the aim to foster professionalism in the industry practitioners. So our program and courses are designed with a primary focus on human investment and flexibility to enhance your staff, organization and customers. We use a various methods and approaches to ensure that we teach your staff competencies and not just the theory. We design every learning and development programs to deliver on target, we have a loaded basket you can choose from as your business and personal developmental needs and demand.

The IPRM mission is to educate and prepare its students to successfully operate in a global and increasingly tech-savvy business environment.
We differentiate ourselves by integrating all our programs with fundamental academic knowledge and practical business and technology experiences.

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Professional, affordable corporate-tailored training programs

for students, corp members, graduates, senior,
middle and line management teams.

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We give out quality.
We utilize only the best science, the most practical & cost-effective solutions for your environment safety issues in all work places & continues monitoring, evaluations and improvements will be carried out until you succeed.

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12Years of experience
14Expert Tutors
5Awards Winners
800Happy Clients

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We help you create a network.

We are a private organization in Nigeria extending the partnership with multinational and national industry, employer and employee organizations, International agencies, scientists and professional communities. We are in partnership with Turkey and Cyprus government and some private universities.